originally published 2/12/24

Someone who loves you wants you to share in their experiences of joy?  From our perspective:  You find a good restaurant, you want to take a friend.  You read a good book or see a good movie, you want to tell people you care about.  You find a good xxx, you tell your friends.  Etc.  So when you live with a Newf, and they want you to experience something that gives them special joy?  They go outside and come back in, check on you, go outside and come back in, go outside and bark for you to come outside too, come back in, get a drink, look directly into your eyes and eye-point to the door, go back out, come back in, repeat, repeat, repeat.  “Is it wonderful outside?”  “OK.  I’ll join you, but just for a moment.”  “I need to make my coffee first.”  “OK, I’ll start the water, then come out with you.”

Brrr.  Banner:  “Humans are perplexing.”  “Pfssssh!  I’ll lie down and keep my eye on her until she gets it.”

Happy Snow Monday.  It looks short-lived, back to 55 tomorrow & 60s Wed.  Better not let this moment pass.

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