When I moved out of state one time, I took my “barn cats” to stay on my parents’ farm.  Cats enjoy their freedom and the familiarity of home, and they don’t always relocate well, but one of the cats, Tigger, became buds with my dad.  When Dad would walk around the farm, Tigger accompanied him.  We’ve had cats at this farm who do this, usually the males.

I think Jade envied the cats’ freedom here. She seemed to want “cat privileges”; it was always a struggle to get her to come back inside when the weather was cool enough.  She and Sylvia are snuggle bunnies, unless or until Banner emerges.  Then Sylvia engages her warp drive to reach safer quarters.

This morning as I was driving through town, I noticed a very small dog walking calmly just in front of a baby stroller and slightly to one side.  The lady pushing the stroller was trailed by a young girl.  This “dog” didn’t walk with usual dog posture, or disregard the human to inspect scents, and it moved with a certain grace.  As I got closer, it was clear that the companion who was enjoying a stroll with its humans was a lovely dark grey cat.  I had automatically slowed to watch and one of those smiles that I see on the faces of people who see us walking the Newfs came over my own face, and the lady smiled back.  It’s one thing to realize that you give other people joy and to be happy about that, but it is very nice to experience it too.

Happy weekend to all.

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