For Thanksgiving, there was an extra can of pumpkin, so I made “pumpkin pie souffle” for the Newfs.  As it turned out, they were ecstatic about bites of pumpkin pie.  Who knew?  (g)  For the human version, I only use one egg, half a can of Carnation milk and half half and half.  (half clear?)  For the Newfs, I used two eggs, omitted the crust and used about 1/3 of the spices and sugar.  Jade was over the moon!

Today I ran across a recipe for two-ingredient cookies from  The one for Banana Coconut Cookies sounded good for Newf treats.  Blueberries could be added, pumpkin or apples could be used instead of bananas, and it all sounds simple enough to prepare.  Getting carried away, one could add shredded carrots!

We’ve run out of pumpkin pie, and the extra soup broth (made from the leftover Thanksgiving chicken) that I was adding to their food, so there will be some disappointed faces the next time the refrigerator door is opened.  But I think the house will soon smell good again, and those faces will light up!

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