Written Jan. 10, 2002

I’ve heard a lot of people, including vets, say that dogs are colorblind. Hmmm. Banker has a distinct preference for bright colors, especially hot pink. I suppose he qualifies as a gentleman also, because he prefers blondes. Much to his delight, one of our guests last weekend was a blonde-haired niece wearing bright pink tennis shoes. She has a cute giggle too.

[The kids, by the way, left with a new euphamism for “foul odors” – Who’s cooking Brussels sprouts? When they thought it was the dogs, and I thought it was them, we finally determined that it was the Brussels sprouts.]

When Banker shops for his toys, usually at dog shows, he notices bright colors first. At a show in November, his pick was Webster Duckworth. Quite a cute toy – fairly bright yellow and very soft. I think he was sold when his tongue bumped the toy and he felt how soft it was. Webster quickly became the new favorite. Banker attempted to perform the usual squeakectomy, but stopped before removing it. The squeaker had been punctured, and he didn’t seem concerned about it any longer.

Webster was getting dirty to the point that he wasn’t yellow any more. So, not long ago, I gathered the toys for washing and put them in with a load of grooming towels. I checked the tag on Webster to see if he was machine-washable, but there wasn’t much of a tag left. All of his other toys were machine-washable, so Webster went in also. When I opened the washer, there were little balls of stuffing wound into every item in the washer, plus a layer of stuffing on top of everything. How could one little toy have that much stuffing missing and still look basically the same? I discovered that Webster had an almost surgical belly-button incision plus during the washing, his sides had ripped open.

Today I rescued a stuffy! I bought new stuffing and matching yellow thread, then put Webster back together again. Oh happy reunion! I feel like a Mom!

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