Sometimes I realize, with curiosity, that having Newfs has changed my lifestyle.  I used to enjoy driving a pickup or a Jeep.  Or a Corvette, if the opportunity presented itself.  But somewhere along the way, my “personal vehicle” became a van, not a mini-van like a soccer Mom, but a true-to-life whopping extended wheel base van that sometimes feels more like an 18-wheeler as I sit upright and look down when the smaller vehicles pass, or struggle to reach down to the delivery tube or ATM at the bank.  It has decals too, not bright, sweeping flames or even simple pin stripes, but Newfoundland decals.

Newfoundlands need space, with good air conditioning in the back.  Those large 48” crates that are a full 36” tall don’t fit in most newer styles of vehicles.  Newfoundlands need to be able to sit comfortably in a crate, and most of mine have been able to sit comfortably in a 36” crate without their head touching.  Crates are also essential for water training practices.  (so this is a bit like having a kid in the swim club)  And there is the training gear – bumpers, seat cushions, ropes, life jackets and lawn chairs and coolers.  Also, buckets, fresh water, fans, a dog dryer, a grooming table, and more.  Then there are dog shows or other dog events, and overnight trips, with more stuff to take.  If you need to take everything but the kitchen sink, you need a bigger vehicle!  For one or two Newfs, a mini-van may work.  For three or more, the extra space of a full size van or an extended wheel base van is a nice asset.

So, often I find myself taking the Newfs somewhere, and sometimes it serves only to take me somewhere, but there is plenty of room for transporting groceries and packages of all kinds.

As I go through a drive-thru for ice cream, or a cherry limeade, though and some young person passes my order thru the window,  there is often a comment about the decals or sometimes the occupants inside when the Newfs are visible.  I don’t expect the young employee to be thinking “Cool ride!”, but from the perspective of my Newfoundlands, it is the Newfoundland Fun Machine.  It makes good things happen.

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